The Defender ♀️

The Hindu Goddess Durga, as she defeats the demon in the form of a buffalo. Photo from Harn Gallery, Gainesville, FL 1/21

The Goddess Durga was called upon to defeat the demon(s) that could only be destroyed by a female. How’s that for girl power!

Until very recently, I regularly interacted with 5 human males (4 of them teenagers 🤪😬), two male dogs, and two male cats.

Always outnumbered, never outgunned.

I craved estrogen like never before! Eventually and for my own sanity I had to do what any intelligent, self-respecting Kim would do: I got rid of the 2-legged creatures and kept the 4-legged ones. Whew! 👏

I created as an additional exploration of the Divine Feminine. I seek balance. So at some point I’ll need to explore the Divine Masculine. But he can wait. 😁

I take what I need from different trains of ideology, spirituality, and theology. I leave out what does not serve me. I enjoy learning about the Feminine Deities and their massive roles in creation, existence, and destruction. ♀️

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