The Artist ♀️

Anne Noggle

Anne Noggle, WWII pilot, aviator, photographer, pansexual.

I learned about her from the women’s exhibit at the Harn Gallery in Gainesville, on display through May 9, 2021. The story card mentions:

Her singular subject was aging women, underrepresented in a youth-obsessed world culture.

“I find young faces a tabula rasa. Nothing is written there. They are empty until they reach their 40s. Then they become photographable.”

Here we have an adventurous selfie above the mountains and then “Coming out of water” with the artist accompanied by men in a hot tub. I’ll allow it! ✌😁


    • Absolutely! Thank you. I think just about everyone is interesting and has a story. I enjoy learning stories and seeing connections. From posting Noggle on my Facebook page, a friend showed me a pic of his mom who was also an aviator before WWII and she lived to be 106!!! I’ll aim to interview him this week either for podcast or a written blog entry. Stay tuned and groove on! ✌


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