Earth Lore πŸ’™πŸŒŽπŸ’š

Little Big Econ, Kolokee Trail, Florida

I am eternally fond of the lore and mystery of Nature. Dragons and sylphs and selkies and mermaids and unicorns and brownies and yes, more please! If I could spend the rest of my days at a waterfront treehouse in the Shire, I would.

In the Forest, or anywhere really, I honor both the true and the fabled.

Never take food from strangers lest I end up like Rip Van Winkle! I was tested a few months ago when I was in Yankeetown for sunset. Two of the prettiest and bubbliest gals offered me a coke with genuine smiles. I returned their smiles but politely declined the beverage. I neglected to tell them I’m a Pepsi gal. 😁

A good one from Legend: stay away from old oaks and willow trees.

Willow trees in Michigan were my favorite. When I see moss covered oaks, especially with holes and gaps and tunnels, I picture all sorts of creatures residing within.

Mushrooms grow where faeries dance.

Ah yes, the fae. The subject of faery (fairy) tales and wishes granted and happy endings. The truth is faeries can be as noble, apathetic, mischievous, and cruel as humans. Even still, to glimpse the preternatural, supernatural, and even the natural evokes awe and imagination.


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