Earth Roots πŸ’™πŸŒŽπŸ’š

-Trees and faces and secret places.-

Trees are the largest and oldest living beings residing topside on planet Earth. The oldest I have met so far (that I know of) is the 900+ year old Goethe Giant here in Florida.

They are my most photographed subject not only because of their intense beauty, but also because of the ever-changing Nature scapes. A tree here today can be gone next season. I saw major evidence of this during three separate drives to and through the panhandle after hurricane activity. I admire those that withstand the storms, both literal and figurative. I revere those that have fallen.

On my trip to the caverns in Marianna, our tour group, along with perhaps thousands before us, had the opportunity to observe one of the many downsides of human interference. Looking at the natural cave formations that took millennia to form, they reserved one for us to touch. The natural oils and bacteria and whatever else on our hands had degraded the column over time. It was not as pristine as the others. As a tree hugging goofball I now had to rethink the impact even simple actions could have on the life and habitats around me. Now I reserve my interactions to just the flora and fauna in the yard I care for.

I look forward to exploring more of these wise old beings around the globe.

“My home is deep in the forest near the roots of the mountain.”

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