Welcome βœŒπŸ™‚

The intention of She Went Left is part therapeutic, part inspirational, and full-on groovy. This platform is to share fiction, personal stories, tranquil moments, and adventurous shenanigans. I aim to let my voice be heard in the melodic song of uplifting others, especially girls and women. In enjoying numerous activities to live my best life, I like to encourage others to do the same for themselves. As we proceed, I will shine some Moon Rays of wisdom that I pick up along the way.

I hope you find this blog and podcast engaging. I also hope you personally can join me in some adventures. Before you ask: yes, I will love to join you in either walking or sharing your journey! Growth is about finding courage in the face of fear and venturing into the unknown. Progression is about going from history to herstory. And in recounting herstory, just why did she go left? That, my dear, is a story for another day. Stay groovy!