The Craving

She eyes him from across a crowded room and instantly her mouth begins to water. Her lips curl up seductively and her pupils dilate into a smoky, predatory stare. Wait, no, she’s in public! She shakes her head to clear the foggy desire trying to envelop her. She turns to walk away but feels an electric pull. He is mesmerizing.

She knows she can’t keep doing this. She can’t keep going to these places, picking up strangers, and taking them back home for one night of passion. The really good ones stick around for two nights. Then she gets rid of them. She is a married woman, after all.

Her gaze once again lingers. He hasn’t seen her yet. She already knows she has lost this battle. Her husband works long hours and doesn’t satisfy her cravings like he used to. She is a sensual woman with needs that demand satisfaction.

Life is lived in moments, and this moment is all that matters. The entire world falls away and it becomes just the two of them. She slowly saunters in his direction, her eyes locked, her resolve for pleasure overwhelming. She already knows he won’t be able to resist her sweet smile.

In her game of seduction, she has grown gently bold, even though the cougar inside is primed to devour its prey. “Hello handsome. You come here often?” 

He doesn’t respond. Good. She loves the strong, silent type. So unlike her husband. He’s such a chatter, always asking her about her day and all that nonsense.

She eyes him directly, unashamed to express her intention. She slowly reaches for him, trying not to appear too eager, and softly strokes his rippling curves with one finger. She closes her eyes and shudders. He is sheer decadence and she can see he has a very nice package.

Her heartbeat quickens. She breathes in his aroma deeply, and she feels an intense flutter inside. Everything in him is calling out to her.

“What’s your name, gorgeous?” she asks. She bends down to eye the label. Mango Key Lime Pie. $4.99. “Oh yeah, you’re gonna be a two nighter.”

Oh wait, did I say she picks up strangers in public? I meant Publix.

Thanks for reading. Have a groovy day!!!




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