Come on 40!

Waxing Snow Moon, Yankeetown FL, full on 2/27/21. My 40th birthday!

The Sun has set and the waxing Moon has risen on this grooviest last day in my 30’s.

I have been preparing mentally for years to join the elite club of 40. 😁 I talked to someone at work today who will be 40 in July. I’m elated! Her, not so much. 🀣

I wonder if I’ll start falling apart like people say. πŸ€ͺ If I do, I’m going to ride this sumbitch till the wheels fall off, then I’ll walk till I can’t, then I’ll crawl to the finish line. 😁

These pics are from Yankeetown. There was an elusive manatee dining just below the surface and out of my camera’s reach. One of the anglers pointed her out to me as I was focused on the epic Moon. Each time she surfaced, my attention was elsewhere. I probably frustrated the man as he kept telling me when she breached the water, but HELLO! THE MOON!!!

They have completed the ramp at the “End of the Road.” I haven’t been down that way in a while. Now they have paved parking for vehicles and trailers.

As I walked back to my vehicle from the pier, a woman was talking to the group of people she was with. She asked what day it was. No one responded quickly. She then asked if it was the 26th.

I said, “It’s the day before my birthday!” And she sang me happy birthday. πŸ₯³ I told them I’m turning 40 and am so excited! She said she wished she was turning 40. 😁

One of my favorite songs is “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

I concur! Peace and Love and Moonlight and Smiles and Rummmmm!!!


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