Mantra mantra mantra mantra mantra mantra mantra.

I am worthy.

Every now and then I want to share something sassy. Kim-sassy though, no one else’s version of sassy.

Just what is a mantra anyway?

It says here it is “a statement or slogan repeated frequently.”

I am worthy.

This is a groovy one. Because I indeed AM worthy. And so are you.

Mantras are repeated frequently. But you know what else gets repeated frequently?


A mantra has to go beyond mindless repetition, beyond basic belief.

People believe lies all the time.

So with a mantra, I have to make a commitment to actually feel what I am saying or thinking. In the sensation of experiencing any given mantra, I let it vibrate around me, humming, seeking to envelop my being with positivity, radiance, and affirmation.

I am worthy. I believe it. And I feel it. I have always been worthy to receive the love that I give away.

What a strange equation, this thing called love, that is actually multiplied when we share it openly and honestly.

I know I have shared this one before. My favorite mantra, which I say minimum once daily, at the very beginning of my day:

I am thankful.

This has set the metronome for my personal happiness. Whatever challenges or sadness I face, I am thankful to be in a position to rise up and triumph.

Because I am worthy.
And so are you. πŸ₯°βœŒ


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