I’m no angel

I used to think…

The rede of Live and Let Live, a blanketed acceptance of others, included ongoing interaction of potentially oppositional matters. It does not.

I have my foundation and my moral compass. I know who I am now and it has taken me quite some time to get here. I am in a constant, welcome state of peace, gratitude, and joy.

People will steal or at least diminish your joy if you let them.

I beam when people call me Sunshine. I like to be bright and musical and cheerful, for myself primarily, others secondarily. I also choose to be considerate and honor other people in their stage of their journey. Not everyone has a joyous disposition.

What I find through some of my dealings with others are at least two challenges:

1. Those who would try to convince me to take on their point of view based on their experiences.

2. Those who would intentionally disturb my peace and overstep my clear boundaries.

I would not be who I am if I assumed the thought processes of others. I am who I am for my own reasons. I have gained insights through personal experiences. Thusly I seek not to convert nor to be converted.

Regarding my boundaries, I am progressing into being more direct upfront. I occasionally still feel guilty when I need to say ‘no’ but this is subsiding.

“No” is a complete sentence. It does not require explanation, clarification, or validation. It also does not need to result in guilt, second-guessing, or changing one’s mind to appease others.

Regarding oppositional interactions, I have talked to people at length about touchy subjects. I have often been glad to part either as friends or at least not as enemies. I can maintain an equal, respectful exchange to hear why people think or behave the way they do.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Sometimes the oppositional interactions escalate. I can accept many belief patterns of others so I have an understanding of them, even though I do not adopt their views. I will not, however, tolerate hate or constant negativity. It is too overbearing for my gentle spirit.

I’m no angel.

I have tried to maintain friendships with people who yell, argue unreasonably, say hurtful things intentionally, and that have violent tendencies in word or sometimes action.


I used to think maybe if I was nice enough, kind enough, or met them with calm logic, they would somehow….stop? Change? See the error of their ways?

Oh no honey, that is far from live and let live. That is simply accepting and even enabling toxic and abusive behavior.

I must honor the primary aspect of the rede:


For me.

In the secondary aspect, to let live, this becomes inconsistent if it violates my peace. I have grown terribly weary of being drained by energy vampires.

Live and let live.

I used to want to hold on. I wanted everyone that entered my life to never leave and to love me for me and I love them for them. This is so sugary sweet! It is also implausible. Everyone is worthy of love, time, and effort. Yet everyone is not worthy of MY love, time, and effort.

The magickal thing about me accepting others while increasing my discernment is I no longer have to show anyone the exit sign. I can let myself out. I can love from such a distance that we never have to interact again.

This. Is. My. Peace.

Thanks for reading!

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