We are everything.

We are everything.


We are elegance, we are grace, we are beauty, we are independence. We are Queens and we are Goddesses. We are gifts from above. We are a work of art. We are full bodied. We are the G.O.A.T. We are poetry in every aspect of life. We are balanced. We are science fact. We are progressive. We are resourceful. We are equal. We are collaborative. We are inspirational. We are defiant. We are fragile. We are powerful. We are excellence. We are adventurous! We are legendary. We are spiritual. We are immortal. We are empowered. We are revolutionary. We are ambitious. We are astronomical. We are outspoken. We are natural. We are serene. We are Divine.

We are uniquely different shapes, sizes, and complexions. We are ourselves. We are Black Women. And we are unstoppable.

Blessed be.

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