Women’s Herstory (History) month ♀️

Groovy morning and welcome to Women’s Herstory (History) Month!

I consider myself peaceful, diplomatic, and unifying. I am totally non-confrontational. A quality that does not serve me too well is also being passive. I skirt around divisive topics because I really do want to see people get along and not argue.

Yet here I can do something so very simple for my life (in my eyes), which is hiking, and I still get negative comments from people I do and don’t know because “you shouldn’t be doing that because I wouldn’t do that” or “I don’t like the hat you’re wearing” or one of my recent favorites “you post too many pictures.” 🙄😒🤦‍♀️

(I screen shot and save these interactions to keep them as a reminder of how people can be and how I don’t ever want to discourage others).

What that has shown me is I can be minding my own f*cking business and living MY best life for me, and it’s still going to upset somebody. 😬🤷‍♀️

You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. 👈

There are women I’ve seen that I consider strong, outspoken, ambitious, eloquent, and historical. If me simply hiking is a problem for some people, I can just imagine the wild and crazy opposition others face. 🤔😔

So let’s do something fun for March. I am challenging you to have a “this is how it should work” social media experience. All it takes is two things.

  1. Find something kind to say about an inspirational woman.


  1. Keep scrolling.

If my intention is to inspire and be inspired and a person finds that offensive, that says so much more about them than me. I try not to intentionally offend anybody. Ok except maybe that one guy from Tinder a few years ago, but that’s it!

Iron sharpens iron. Real women build up, not tear down.

Ranting disclaimer is complete! Peace and love and groove on!

Gloria Steinem

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